Qumran IIIA is on its way.

530 pages later…

After more than a year of hard work with Jean-Baptiste Humbert, we finally completed the publication that was in the making long before I joined the project. The complete book as been delivered to the publisher in Germany and is on its way first to the printer then to the bookshelves.

Qumran Volume III A Book Cover

It has taken a considerable amount of work to make it happen. Days and nights spent assembling all the material meticulously and in the end always the haunting of possible mistakes that crept in unnoticed. I can’t wait to see how it will be received by the Qumran specialists community.

4 thoughts on “Qumran IIIA is on its way.”

  1. Dear Qumranmodelmaker,

    if you send me your e-mail, I can send you a fantastic eyebirdview from Qumran taken in 1957!
    Did you go ahead with your Qumranmodel?
    In the next months the english version of IIIA will be in print (hopefully) and then much more people will read this!

    Alexander Schick
    Qumran- & Biblexhibition

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