Working with archeologists…

Through an acquaintance, I’ve had the chance to meet archeologist Jean-Baptiste Humbert about two years ago. We quickly developed a friendly relationship and one thing leading to an other, I’ve been working with him for the last two years doing various 3D illustration projects and other graphic works.

When I was asked to give him a hand to finish one of his most important project, namely the publication of the third volume of the excavations of Khirbet Qumran, I jumped in not really knowing how much work and effort it would require from me. That was several months ago, and at that times, it seemed like the project was almost completed as Jean-Baptiste and a few other people had been working on this project for many years already. Since then, I’ve been working like a horse to pull all the remaining tasks to completion and it’s been quite a ride, and a tremendous amount of work. Spending days and nights, at times sitting side by side with Jean-Baptiste, in front of a row of computer screens, checking layout, hundreds of rows of reference numbers, drawings, photos, adding, removing, correcting, creating…

Then going back home, continuing the work well past midnight and going back again, a few days later, to meet with Jean-Baptiste and review together the corrections. Sending the text for proofing, getting it back, making some changes again, sending it again. It’s been months of work now and while there seem to be no end to this process of corrections and improvements, we are finally reaching the end of it.

From what I understood, there is a great deal of interest in the archaeological community regarding this publication, and probably some weariness regarding its constant delaying. We work hard to bring this work to completion and I dare hope my intervention in this process will be beneficial both to the reader by providing a volume that is pleasant to read and consult, and to Jean-Baptiste by helping him producing a book that will translate his work as best as possible.

In the meantime, I get back to work.

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